Sonic Colours Remaster likely leaked via voiceover studio

Posted on April 13, 2021

Coming up on 11 years after its original release, a new rumour mill is spinning for Sonic Colours. A remaster of the 2011 game has potentially been leaked by a German voiceover studio.

Twitter user @Kutairo_ discovered the crumb of details, made available via a listing from German voiceover studio iksample. The studio claims that they worked on the localisation for the game in December 2020. @Kutairo_ then took it upon themselves to upload a screenshot of the page.  However, that page has been removed from the site. Thankfully, the tweet still remains. We’ve included it for you below.

Interestingly, French games retailer Sogamely also listed a pre-order page of ‘Sonic Colours Ultimate’ for PS4. Though, that now leads to a page with an unnamed item listed as being sold out.

Sonic Colours was a 2010 game that released for the Wii and Nintendo DS. It was heralded as quite a solid Sonic game, something that of course can not always be said about the franchise. Sega have yet to confirm whether a Sonic Colours remaster is in the works. Do you think this is enough proof to hold the company’s feet to the fire, providing us some blue hedgehog news?