Subnautica Below Zero celebrates May release with new cinematic

Posted on April 14, 2021

Fans of the underwater marvel Subnautica have been hungry for more deep-sea exploration ever since the original game proved to be an isolating, horrifying, yet beautiful experience. Thankfully a new cinematic trailer has been released for the game’s follow-up, Subnautica Below Zero, to get us excited for its upcoming May 14th release.

Taking place in a frozen tundra, Subnautica Below Zero is an expansion on the original game with new sealife, new crafting instruments, and a whole new world of underwater wonder to explore. There also appears to be a bunch more threats, as shown within the trailer above. Both Below Zero and its predecessor are incredibly acclaimed within the gaming world for making a uniquely intense and wondrous survival experience. The gorgeous and colourful underwater world around you turns into a horrifyingly spooky experience as you submerge into the depths of the deep ocean. Story elements are constant and engaging and the general survival and crafting game loop is engaging.

I actually got to check out Subnautica Below Zero back in early 2019 when it first released as an Early Access product. The potential I saw was staggering and I can not wait to see how the game has evolved upon its complete, “1.0” release. Subantucia Below Zero will be releasing to PC, Ps4, Xbox One and Switch on May 14, 2021. Are you ready to get lost in the frozen ocean?