Nintendo announces a game creator on Switch, Game Builder Garage

Posted on May 7, 2021

Nintendo has announced a new creative title for the Nintendo Switch: a game creator called Game Builder Garage. Using a simplistic interface, the player will be able to create what looks like a wide variety of games. It looks easy, cute, and fun – just what we’d expect from a game creator from the minds at Nintendo. It will come with full guided lessons for 7 different genres of game to get you started on your way. Watch the trailer below:

This trailer brings to mind Dreams, the PlayStation exclusive that also allows players to create their own video game vision to share. Game Builder Garage seems to have a more child-friendly interface though, with dozens of cute little faces for every command. At the same time, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be too restrictive, as the trailer shows off some amazingly varied games it could produce. so that children and adults alike will be able to engage in the amazing world of video game creation.

Gamer Builder Garage

Nintendo has given us a fair few creative titles in the past. They took full advantage of the Nintendo DS’s stylus to bring us games like Art Academy. More recently, Nintendo gave us the Super Mario Maker series, which allowed players to create their own Super Mario levels. And of course, who can forget good ol’ Nintendo Labo? Looking back on it all now, it looks like Game Builder Garage has been a long time coming. Game Builder Garage will be available on June 11, 2021.