Babylon’s Fall is now recruiting for closed beta

Posted on June 14, 2021

Babylon’s Fall was first announced many years ago, but it took quite a long time for us to get our first tangible look at PlatinumGames’ new title. It wasn’t until 2019 when we saw that it was At Square Enix’s E3 2021 presentation, they showed us a trailer that shed a little light on the story of the game, as well as more action gameplay. We learn more about the mysterious Neo Babylon and meet some curious characters.


Also announced is that the game will be recruiting for a closed beta, which is taking sign-ups now. The application deadline for those interested is July 5th, with the first phase of beta testing taking place in late July and two more taking place at a later date.

We still have no idea when Babylon’s Fall will release, but when it does, it’ll be on PS4, PS5, and PC.