Hideo Kojima reveals Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Posted on June 11, 2021

Alright fellow Death Stranding fans, we have news on what’s coming next from Hideo Kojima and it might not be what anyone was expecting. There’s going to be a Director’s Cut release of the game and it will be exclusive to PlayStation 5. Check out the teaser below for a glimpse at a new location and a humble Kojima easter egg.

It’s certainly an interesting clip. It features the same enemies from the game but it looks like this might be a new underground area. It looks as though the terrorists are inside a Fragile delivery facility. It’s anyone’s guess how much new content will be featured in the new edition but I hope there will be more story content to dive into!

I have to admit, as teaser trailers go, this one left me annoyed. Sam literally jumps in a box, then jumps out and puts it back on the shelf. That’s it. Sure, it’s a cute easter egg to the Metal Gear Solid games but I don’t like that it’s in a teaser for a Director’s Cut. We all know Death Stranding is a Hideo Kojima game after all.

Death Stranding Directors Cut is coming soon.