Metroid Dread is real… and it’s coming this year!

Posted on June 16, 2021

Remember Metroid Dread? That mysterious title that was hinted at within the Prime series but never really got any concrete information for years?

It’s a thing now. And it looks great! See for yourself here:

We don’t get too much info in terms of plot, but based on what little is shown, it seems like we’ll finally be seeing a continuation of Samus’ story after the events of Metroid Fusion, as Metroid Dread will be acting as the fifth main entry in the series. Loving the new outfit!

Metroid Dread appeats to be maintaining the 2.5D approach

As for the gameplay, much of what’s presented brings to mind what we saw with Metroid – Samus Returns, plus some nice new additions. We can see the return of free directional firing and melee counters, all set in some lovingly-made yet bleak 2.5D environments. It will be nice to see how much more can be done on the Switch this time with this refined formula, along with the new power-ups and abilities you’re sure to collect along the way.

Metroid Dread is expected to ball-jump onto Nintendo Switch this October, about 20 years after it was first conceived. Will it be worth the wait? And how long before speedrunners are beating it in 30 minutes? Only time will tell. For now, keep an eye on Nintendo’s official Twitch page for Treehouse footage for this and more titles, but don’t overdo it; bounty hunters need their rest!