Palia looks to be one of the cutest, cosiest MMORPGs ever

Posted on June 4, 2021

The MMORPG market is incredibly hard to get into these days. If you’re not World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV or Black Desert Online, then good luck. We know of attempts hoping to break into this niche such as Amazon’s New World, but even that is having trouble getting to the launch line. However, none of this genre looks as promising from the premise alone as Palia. Purposed entirely as a cozy community sim MMO, players will get to work together and befriend villagers as they build a home and experience “an evolving narrative.” Get keen.

Set in a brand new fantasy world, there’ll undoubtedly be plenty to see and adore in Palia. Its art design, colour and style are absolutely gorgeous and we’d be remiss if we didn’t make Breath of the Wild comparisons when you consider the game will also be open world.

Palia’s story will follow over many years to come. However, the lore gist is that thousands of years after their disappearance, humans have started reappearing. Players control one of these resurfaced humans, with magical abilities. It’s up to players to build up a new home with friends and work out just what’s going on in the mystical world of Palia.

How else can players get stuck into Palia and sink hours into its world? By engaging in other typical life sim gameplay of course! All your fishing, farming and cooking is there along with detailed home customisation for all you Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon fans. Additionally, there’s plenty of cute locals to meet such as a tall, friendly robot.


Those that are (justly) keen for Palia can sign up for the alpha period and also fill an enquiry survey here. Get adventuring, friends!