The Outer Worlds 2 gets announced out of nowhere

Posted on June 14, 2021

An announcement we didn’t expect to see was that of The Outer Worlds 2 at the Xbox Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase.

This Obsidian developed original was somewhat divisive when it first released in late 2019. Although one thing everybody agrees on was that it created an interesting world and characters that we’d love to see revisited in a sequel. Having an opportunity for Obsidian to remedy a few of the pain points of the original will also be a huge advantage.

The Outer Worlds is a interplanatary role-playing experience. We absolutely did not expect to see a sequel announced this early, but we’re super excited to see what it will bring.

We’ve only gotten a teaser so far, but the tongue-in-cheek and self-aware trailer above does a pretty solid job of getting us excited for what the sequel may bring. No word yet on a release date or any solid gameplay information, so this one is proably still a while away from release. But we do know it’s likely coming to Xbox Series X, PC and of course via Xbox Game Pass.