The Long Gate is a challenging puzzler heading to Switch soon

Posted on July 24, 2021

Challenging PC puzzler The Long Gate is heading over to Nintendo Switch on 29 July according to independent developer David Shaw.

The ancient caverns of the Long Gate are filled with remnants of mysterious machinery. Players are free to explore the mysterious caverns on their own terms because they are able to solve most of the puzzles in any order they choose.

The Long Gate is currently available for PC via Steam where it is sitting at around 90% positive reviews, so this could be an interesting title for the Switch indeed.

The Long Gate features cryptic puzzles built around digital, analogue and quantum circuits coupled with open exploration. It also features an original soundtrack by musician Nicholas Newman. Apparently to ensure that the quantum puzzles accurately portrayed real quantum circuits, the developer partnered with quantum computing company D-Wave.

It is also looking like a particularly pretty game, it almost reminds me of the legendary Myst. So this is definitely one ill be keeping by out for when it launches on 29 July.