Battlefield 2042 is scoring a short film next week

Posted on August 3, 2021

If it’s a story you want, then a story you will get. Sort of. Upcoming EA multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042 has already been confirmed to not be receiving a campaign this time around. Those disappointed will at least get something, however. Developer Dice has announced that an introductory companion short film will arrive just next week.

Announced on Twitter, the film will be titled Exodus. It will simultaneously be “unpacking the world” of 2042 and also detail just what kicks off the gigantic war that’ll take place in-game. Considering the additional recent announcement of Battlefield Portal, a mode to the game that allows for putting together absolutely bonkers war setpieces, it seems Battlefield 2042 is going all in.

Battlefield Portal World War 1 planes

This also isn’t the first time that EA has dipped their toes into additional films to complement their games. 2020 VR game Medal of Honor: Airborne, developed by Respawn, had a companion documentary. That documentary even went on to win an Oscar. I don’t see it reaching the level of that but hey, it’s a welcome addition.

Fans keen to check out the prologue to Battlefield 2042 won’t have to wait too long. Exodus will debut next week on August 13th. Battlefield 2042 itself releases on October 22nd on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Series X|S and PC.