Humankind to be a day one Game Pass for PC release

Posted on August 10, 2021

The upcoming Humankind from SEGA and Amplitude Studios is the latest day one get for Xbox Game Pass for PC. The news comes courtesy of a blog post from the Game Pass team.

Many of you got a peek into gameplay during the closed beta last month, and I’m excited to announce that Humankind, the 4X strategy game from Amplitude Studios and Sega, will be available on PC day one with Xbox Game Pass!”  reads the post.

Humankind is a game that feels somewhat in a similar vein to the beloved Civilisation series. The strategy venture tasks players with “re-writing the entire narrative of human history,” beginning with the Neolithic Era. From there, you’ll create a civilisation by combining 60 different cultures spanning from ancient times to the modern era.

Our hands-on preview of the game last year called it a “worthy contender in the historical 4x genre,” noting how the path to victory is a lot more dynamic.

Humankind releases a week from now on August 17th. It’ll come to PC and now, the Game Pass service. There is no word yet on any console release. Sorry!