Metroid Dread teaser drops, reveals Chozo lore

Posted on August 7, 2021

As part of a ‘Metroid Dread Report’, Nintendo has revealed a few clues to help us puzzle out what we might see in the upcoming Metroid Dread game. A teaser trailer posted to the Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube account was briefly posted before becoming unlisted, but luckily we were able to grab the link before it was lost forever:

The translated name is “A scale of fear Part 1”, which means there are likely to be more teasers to come. The aliens in the teaser are Chozo, as confirmed by the report which refers to the images in the teaser as “Chozo memories”.

The report is a retrospective of the 2D Metroids of the past. Part 4 focuses on the plots of Metroid Dread’s predecessors and encourages the reader to consider “how some of their secrets may connect to Metroid Dread”. It contains cool trivia and tidbits of information about the Metroid series as a whole and layers in some clues about what the new game might be about. For example, we know that it’s being called ‘Metroid 5,’ which according to the report would place it just after Metroid Fusion in the series. It seems as if this new game and Metroid Fusion are intrinsically linked.

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread will release on October 8 for the Nintendo Switch.