Sifu lands early 2022 release date

Posted on August 26, 2021

Sloclap’s new stylish martial arts game Sifu has finally received a release date in early next year. This marks a slight delay from the initially-advised 2021 release window when the game was announced. The developer has also unveiled some of the optional extras that will come with its Digital Deluxe edition.

In Sifu, you play as a Kung Fu student whose family has been murdered by criminals. On a quest for revenge, you must rely on your martial arts skills and a mysterious pendant to prevail. Only by making careful use of your surroundings to create makeshift weapons and using the environment to your advantage can you defeat your opponents. With every defeat, your character visibly ages, demonstrating the experience you gain through repetition.

For pre-ordering Sifu on PC, you gain access to the Pre-Order Avatars Pack, as well as the Photo Mode Cinematic Pack. With an art style as striking as this, I get the sense that many players will make good use of Sifu’s photo mode. In addition, those that buy the Sifu Digital Deluxe Edition on PC, PS4 or PS5 will gain access to the digital soundtrack by composer Howie Lee, as well as a digital artbook. Buyers of the Digital Deluxe Edition will also be able to access the game 48 hours early.

Sifu will release on PS4, PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store on February 23rd 2022.