Ghost of Tsushima update makes shrine foxes even cuter

Posted on September 4, 2021

One of Ghost of Tsushima’s most lovely features is the ability to interact with the foxes that lead the player to the in-game shrines that are hidden around the island. After the player prays at the shrine, sometimes your little fox friend will stick around long enough for you to pet it, which we can all agree is a very good and important feature. The game’s newest update adds more animations for these cute little friends, plus a whole new way to interact with them.

This was first noticed by Twitter account Can You Pet the Dog?, an account that specialises in reporting dog-related content in video games. As explained, foxes will now bounce on their paws while waiting for you to pet them, and will even roll onto their backs to allow belly rubs.

Ghost of Tsushima for PS5 has been getting a slate of updates, alongside the release of the Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut and the Iki Island expansion.