Mario Party Superstars reveals even more game boards

Posted on September 25, 2021

Mario Party Superstars is looking more and more packed with content, according to the new reveal as part of this week’s Nintendo Direct. Nintendo gave us a look at three more game boards that will be returning from the N64 era: Woody Woods from Mario Party 3, Yoshi’s Tropical Island from the original Mario Party, and Horror Land from Mario Party 2. They’ve all been updated with fresh graphics of course, and it looks as if their mechanics have been updated to suit the Mario Party of the modern-day.

The trailer also shows off Mt. Minigames, the traditional minigame-only mode for those who just want to jump into the zany action. Players will be able to face off against others online, in either co-op tag team matches or just solo in a choice of 7 different courses.

Mario Party Superstars was first revealed earlier this year, and it is set to launch on Nintendo Switch on October 29. To watch the full 40-minute Nintendo Direct for other cool announcements, check out the official YouTube channel.

Mario Party Superstar