Nintendo has applied to FCC for a new controller design

Posted on September 18, 2021

Nintendo has filed an application to the (Federal Communications Commission) FCC for a new gaming controller of some sort. As it was only filed as of the 16th of September, the details of the application will not be publicly available for some time, meaning that we can only speculate what this controller might be…. and speculate the internet did. Some keen-eyed Nintendo fans are running with the theory that the new controller is in fact a new Nintendo 64 controller that is designed to be used with the Nintendo Switch, which in turn points to the likelihood that Nintendo Switch Online might finally be getting ready to offer N64 titles.

Rumours are already abound that Nintendo will soon be bringing Gameboy and Gameboy Colour games to its subscription service. A datamine of the online service done back in 2019 already revealed that NSO has a few unrevealed game emulators waiting in the wings, which could certainly point to a new classic console being planned. In addition, September is a pretty big anniversary month for Nintendo: it’s the 3-year anniversary of NSO, and the 15th anniversary of the N64 falls on the 29th. That being said, September is already half-over, and we haven’t heard a peep of any announcement so far.

The reason speculators are confident that the controller relates to the Switch is due to the code for the filing: HAC043. ‘HAC’ is a prefix seen on the model numbers of Nintendo Switch peripherals, so it’s easy to see the connection there. And despite all the exciting speculation, it may just be another Joy-Con. Dare I hope for a Joy-Con that has fixed the notorious drift issue? Whatever the truth might be, the application’s confidentiality will expire in around 6 months, meaning that an official announcement from Nintendo will likely not be too far in the future.