Epic Games Store receives proper achievement support

Posted on October 5, 2021

Love it or hate it, the Epic Game Store is slowly becoming more fleshed out as a PC digital storefront for games. Following the addition of Australian currency support last year, the storefront will now also add further achievement support for some of their listed games. This new feature will come next week.

The system, known fittingly as ‘Epic Achievements’ will have a tier system of sorts. Bronze achievements award 5-45 XP, Silver awards 50-95 XP and Gold nets 100-200XP. Earn yourself 1000XP in a given game and you’ll take away the Platinum achievement. Sounds somewhat similar to PlayStation’s way of providing trophies, no?

If you want to get technical, the Epic Games Store has been offering support for achievements for the past year. This was known as a testing period and “an early version of the feature.” This was more individual game-specific, whereas the update will see achievements and the score you net be visible across the entire platform. Rocket LeagueHadesPillars of EternityKena: Bridge of SpiritsZombie Army 4, and Alan Wake Remastered are the games that will first see this support, allowing for boasting of the completionist in you in said titles. They’ll be visible for all to see on your profile.

This fresh feature will be available on the Epic Games Store sometime next week. It certainly looks to be an interesting blend of the Gamerscores players can tally up on Xbox and the medal ranking system of trophies in PlayStation. What do you think about the update?