Operation: Tango gets free Challenge Mode in DLC update

Posted on October 19, 2021

Stylish and cool symmetrical co-op espionage adventure Operation: Tango has launched a free update featuring an all-new Challenge Mode.

Challenge Mode features a whole new area to explore, ten trials to complete, and up to two hours of unique gameplay. You can access the content after you’ve completed the main Operation: Tango missions.

In the new mode, you’ll need to hone your communication skills, compete for medals, and even take control of new robot friends. “Master your craft and work quickly if you want to collect every medal! Bronze, Silver, and Gold are all up for grabs… and for the most elite agents looking to prove themselves, there will be leaderboards on the Clever Plays Discord server!” states the release. Check out the new mode in action below.

If you’re not looking to compete, you can also just walk through each challenge at your own pace and enjoy the new content, a benefit for the more casual player among us.

In our review of Operation Tango earlier this year, we said “Operation: Tango gets the look and feel of being a secret agent team absolutely right, with a cool soundtrack to boot. But it’s held back by its hit-and-miss gameplay, which can range from super cool to frustrating. A longer campaign may have let the gameplay expand and deepen, but with only 6 short missions and little replay value, it ends up feeling a little shallow. The upside is, this makes the game a perfect candidate for some DLC.”

Looks like our prayers have been answered; the Operation: Tango DLC is available now. For those unaware, only one person needs to buy Operation: Tango, as they can then invite a friend to play with them for free via a Friend Pass, much like recent co-op adventure It Takes Two.

Operation: Tango launched earlier this year as part of PlayStation Plus, but is also available on other platforms, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.