Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins gets sweet new trailer and release date

Posted on October 2, 2021

During E3 this year, Square Enix presented the trailer for a brand new game in the works called Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins. About half of the responses to the announcement trailer were of interested curiosity, while the other half were making memes about how often the main character yells about killing “Chaos”, whoever that is. A limited-time demo was available for PS5 at the same time, but all was not well. Although it was listed as available on the PSN store to download, a bug prevented most players from opening the demo for some time.  When players were eventually able to access the demo, general consensus was that while it had promise, it was rough around the edges.

Square Enix has now revealed a release date trailer, which shows off more hack-and-slash action. More importantly, there is no mention of Chaos anywhere, and instead, focuses on other aspects of the story we can expect. Final Fantasy fans will be able to detect familiar names and lore, but otherwise not much that makes a lot of sense at this early stage. The release date for Stranger of Paradise has been announced as the 18th of March 2022.

Like the previous announcements, a demo is available to go along with the announcement – with no bug this time! The demo contains 2 levels, Chaos Tower and the Refrin Wetlands. In addition, there are 8 different jobs to try out and a new ally – Neon, the character introduced in the new trailer. This demo is for a limited time and will be available until October 11 at 7:59AM PT (That’s October 12 at 11:59PM in AEST).

Stranger of Paradise was first rumoured in around May this year, after gaming website Fanbyte first suggested that Square Enix and Team Ninja had teamed up for a new title.