BioWare teases new Mass Effect game on N7 Day

Posted on November 8, 2021

Every November 7th is N7 day for fans of BioWare’s Mass Effect series across the world. N7 refers to the in-universe special forces the Systems Alliances assign to people like Commander Shepard. The day itself is about celebrating the series, with BioWare inviting fans to share their creations with the fandom using the hashtag #N7Day. With the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in May, this has been an exciting year for BioWare. Previously, they’ve announced games, like the Legendary Edition, whereas other years it’s been practically silent.

Accordingly due to the excitement of the Legendary Edition still on our keyboards or controllers. The team at BioWare released a teaser image for the next game, noting that Mass Effect will continue. The image is a shuttle with the letters SFX in Mass Effect’s signature red and black and four crew members walking towards a dead Geth inside a crater.

Fans of the series are theorising that a Krogan, Turian, an Asari and a human make up this new crew, along with whether or not BioWare has officially decided on a canon ending. Yet we won’t know more information until they share it, such as if we’ve met these characters before. The only other official piece of information about the new game is the teaser trailer that was released during The 2020 Game Awards.

Recently, BioWare has been releasing statistics for the players to look over (and maybe argue about) regarding how people have played the popular franchise. They’ve previously released statistics for Mass Effect 3 all the way back in 2013 from Digital Spy. And in July of 2021, BioWare released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition statistics. For instance, 68% of players chose Male Shepard, whereas 32% chose Female Shepard. The most popular characters in Mass Effect 1 are Garrus and Tali whereas the least popular are Ashley and Kaidan.

Subsequently, for today’s N7 day they’ve released even more statistics, and a lot of them go into the nitty-gritty. From their blog, 23% of players chose Shepard’s default name compared to 77% who went with a unique name. Meanwhile, 85% of players chose Admiral Anderson as humanity’s first Councillor compared to 6% who chose Udina.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition statistics 23% of fans chose Jane/John as Shepard's first name compared to 77% who chose a unique name. 65% of people imported their Shepard from a previous save. 54% of fans played Mass Effect 1 on Normal with 9% on Insanity, 50% of players played Mass Effect 2 on normal with 9% on insanity and 28% of players played Mass Effect 3 on normal with 8% of players choosing insanity. 45% chose destroy ending, 69% saved the council and 31% let them die, if they died 59% put in an alien council and 41% put in a human council. 85% recruited Garrus in Mass Effect 1, 97% of players recruited Diana Allers. 85% chose Anderson as humanity's first councillors with 6% choose Udina and 9% no choice. 82% lets Wrex kill Fist 12% let him survive and 6% of Shepard's kill Fist. Garrus is loyal to 98% of Shepards whereas Mordin was 90%, Grunt, Jacob and Miranda at 97%, Legion and Kasumi at 95%, Thane and Samara at 94% and Jack, Zaeed and Tali at 93%

Along with the statistic releases, they’ve created reaction gifs and stickers, updated the merch store and created an AR lens for Facebook and Instagram where you can see which character you are. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is on sale through Steam, Origin and the Microsoft Store. If you’ve been waiting to get it on sale, now’s your chance! And you better jump in quick, it ends early tomorrow morning.

While this year’s N7 day has been quieter than previously, there’s still a lot of content for fans to get into. Are you excited about the new Mass Effect game? Have you already started on your Legion cosplay? Or are you going to create a new save? Check out our review of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.