Hextech Mayhem is the next League of Legends themed game arriving soon

Posted on November 11, 2021

Riot Forge have announced a new game in collaboration with Choice Provisions that’s launching across PC and Switch in just a few days! The new game goes by the name of Hextech Mayhem and it contains characters from the League of Legends universe played in a rhythm game/runner style. Developer Choice Provisions are well known for the BIT.TRIP series and have already proven to be experts in “rhythm runners”. Riot Forge is the publishing label behind many of the League of Legends spin-off games including upcoming releases like Convergence and Ruined King as well as past releases such as Legends of Runeterra. So far these Riot Forge games have been quality releases so it’ll be great to see if Hextech Mayhem can follow that trend.

The game sees you play as Ziggs, a demolitions expert and all-around wildcard whose bombs will play a key role in the movement and rhythm elements of the game. Hextech <mayhem is also set in Piltover which fans of the recently released Arcane Netflix series will know well. There’s certainly no slowing down for Riot Games and League of Legends right now.

Hextech Mayhem is launching on November 16th for both PC and Switch. You can find out more from the official website.