Alan Wake 2 officially announced at The Game Awards

Posted on December 10, 2021

Though it had been rumoured for some time, Alan Wake 2 was finally announced today at the Game Awards.

The original cult classic developed by Remedy Entertainment was released in 2010 exclusively on the Xbox 360, with a Remastered version releasing just a couple of months ago; now however it seems Remedy has teamed up with Epic Games to make the highly anticipated sequel.

The original Wake was a psychological thriller where players embodied the character of Alan Wake, a writer who decides to take a trip to the sleepy town of Bright Falls with his wife and there experiences some pretty scary encounters straight out of his own thriller novels. The sequel, set to release in 2023, has been touted by Remedy as being “even more sinister” than its original and will be the studios first foray into the survival horror genre. Due to this, Remedy has asked fans to expect from Wake a “chilling experience with familiar psychological horror elements.”

The trailer itself will show a number of elements that Wake fans will be familiar with. Bright Falls seems to be the location for the sequel, Wake’s voice is heard, soft and measured as per usual over a number of eerie locations. The first location being a forest, an environment where most of Alan Wake’s gameplay took place, and the streets of a small town. There is also the unsettling fuzziness present that would appear whenever Wake was confronted by the Taken, possibly hinting that those enemies will once again terrorise the player.

Cryptically, the voice of Wake tells the audience via voiceover “This is not the story you want it to be… This story will eat you alive…” A close-up of Wake’s face is then shown mouthing “This story is a monster…” then darkness takes over the screen and Wake says “And monsters wear many faces” before flashing to an extreme close-up of Wake’s face in a grimace covered in splashes of blood. Remedy has said that this is all the goss on Alan Wake 2 they will be giving us until Summer (so Winter for us in Aus.) 2022, when they will be back with more news on the title.

Alan Wake 2 will be a strictly next-gen title coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC sometime in 2023.