Serious Sam entry is being teased by Devolver Digital

Posted on January 7, 2022

The long-running FPS franchise Serious Sam looks to be returning quite soon. Devolver Digital, the publishing studio behind 2020’s Serious Sam 4 has teased an announcement coming just next week. Better yet? It’ll be out before the month is up.

The video more or less hints at some of the vibes and environments we’ll be seeing in-game. A jetski breezes past a buoy and we see just some of an abandoned, frozen island. Broken ice caps plague the shores. “Man it’s cold. But nothing warm’s me up like kicking arse,” states Sam in a gravelly voice over the teaser. Sam is back and notably in a biome vastly different from the typical dry climates you’ve found him in previous games.

With Serious Sam 4 only releasing a little under a year and a half ago it’s curious as to what this project will entail. Is it a full-blown continuation, DLC, or maybe even a spin-off? Whatever this Serious Sam game shapes up to be, it’s only a smidge of the busy year indie publishing juggernaut Devolver Digital have ahead of them. Shadow Warrior 3, Cult of the Lamb, Trek to Yomi and Weird West similarly look to all be titles that are worth keeping an eye on.

Expect an official announcement and release date next week. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.