Total War: Warhammer III debuts new music video feat. Battlesnake

Posted on February 19, 2022

Total War: Warhammer III is now available on PC Gamepass. To celebrate, Xbox ANZ has teamed up with the metal band Battlesnake and created an official music video for the game’s title track, “Death Is Like The Winter Chill”. The song was first seen in Warhammer III’s announcement trailer last year.

With Total War: Warhammer III’s brutal warring factions and dark world, it makes sense Xbox has teamed up with a metal band to cover their title number. It’s a pretty catchy track, and Battlesnake is certainly giving everything they have into their performance as bloodthirsty warriors.

Battlesnake is based in Sydney, and are big fans of the franchise. “Battlesnake was forged deep in the fiery pits of the underworld, so we share a mutual respect with those who wage battle in the Realm of Chaos,” said bandmember Elliot Hitchcock. “When we’re not shredding onstage, we’re normally wielding swords, so any game with swords is a game worth celebrating. We’re hyped to pay tribute to the legendary Warhammer  community and hope that our celebration brings some new Warhammer metal-heads to our shows in future to watch us get sweaty.”

Chief Product Officer, Rob Bartholomew, calls both the music video and the game itself “head-banging”, and we agree! Check out our review of Total War: Warhammer III here.