Nobody Saves The World nabs new platform releases and local co-op next week

Posted on April 5, 2022

The fantastically absurd indie gem Nobody Saves the World was released back in January on PC and Xbox consoles with high praise. Now, players on other platforms are getting a taste of that grinding glory. With it, comes a heavily requested local co-op mode. All of this comes fresh from an announcement tweet from developer Drinkbox Studios.

Nobody Saves The World is an excellent adventure of journeying across a mythical land, taking advantage of the many magical forms and abilities at hand. I played it myself in co-op online. A fun time is to be had this way. However, I definitely noticed some latency issues, despite the game’s best attempt to mediate this with a performance vs fidelity slider. The idea of a local co-op mode now ruling out the concerns for connection strength entirely is exciting in and of itself.

Nobody Saves The World is currently available on current and past gen Xbox Consoles, PC and Game Pass. The Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5 release, along with local co-op everywhere, arrives April 14th. Get grinding.