More Naruto skins are headed to Fortnite

Posted on June 23, 2022

We all know Fortnite doesn’t shy away from a collab, so this should come as no surprise! After the popularity of the last batch of skins from Naruto, another collection is on the way. Fortnite x Naruto will be adding a batch of Rivals featuring ITACHI UCHIHA, GAARA, OROCHIMARU, and HINATA to its roster!

It’s awesome to see Fortnite adding more skins from the hit franchise. All up, including the skins, there are 20 styles or items to score by either buying or earning through time and progress in the game. I’m a fan of Gaara because I still remember how much he scared me with his sand in the anime that I’d watch in the mornings before school. Simpler times.

Nindo challenges are back!

Yep! Players will be able to unlock the Akatsuki Wrap and the Manda Glider for free by completing community challenges as they complete challenges for the new characters. To be eligible to participate in the challenges, players must register here. You have until July 8th to complete the challenges and earn the items free… they’ll be available later as paid content in the item shop.

Players will also be able to explore the returning creative map of the Hidden Leaf Village – you’ll be able to gain XP and unlock other locations as you complete quests for the iconic Rivals.

Fortnite X Naruto art

So what collaboration might we see next from the Battle Royale game? Let us know! Maybe it will be Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse Elric? Imagine that! You can get stuck into Fortnite x Naruto now.