Neon White shows its full hand next week

Posted on June 10, 2022

The ever-stylish Neon White, where players play a character name Neon tasked with speedrunning through the afterlife, blasting away demons, is really close. Serving as one of the many Summer Games Fest announcements, the Annapurna published game releases just next week.

Neon White is developed by Ben Esposito, who you may previously know from the vastly different Donut County. This venture, however, is a mish-mash of all things good. FPS gameplay is paired with a card system that dictates the type of bullets and special abilities you perform. A heavy emphasis on speedrunning is also featured, encouraging players to replay courses and get their best possible time. Topping it all off is visual novel elements where you’ll get to know a cast of other demons and demon hunters.

I can speak from firsthand experience. Gunplay and movement are as smooth as butter. The previously released demo had quite the joyous and steamy interactions. Something I can entirely see kicking off and being celebrated online, not too dissimilarly to everyone’s thirst during peak Hades. Oh, the fan art that’ll come from this game.

Neon White character interaction between White and Red

Neon White releases June 16 for PC and Switch. Get keen.