Street Fighter 6 expands the fight with open world exploration

Posted on June 3, 2022

We knew that Street Fighter 6 was on the way, but we didn’t expect to see gameplay and, surprisingly, some open world exploration in the popular fighting game franchise at this mornings PlayStation State of Play.

While showing off some of the evolved fighting gameplay that we have come to expect from Street Fighter, there were also glimpses of a few different other elements, most notably some open world exploration in what looks like a hub area, where you can uppercut garbage bins and engage in fights with other characters in the street. Check it out.

Street Fighter 6 is set to feature new modes, including Fighting Ground, the classic fighting game experience you’d expect, plus two new modes – World Tour, an “immersive single-player story experience”, and Battle Hub, which will apparently “expand the scope of player communication and engagement.”

Sure, the logo may have copped it a few months back when it was revealed, but this trailer certainly looked the business. I love the idea of wandering around an open world, challenging others to fights and punching everyday objects at every opportunity.

Street Fighter 6 will release sometime in 2023 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.