How to watch tomorrow’s Annapurna showcase and what to expect

Posted on July 28, 2022

Annapurna Interactive is having a publisher showcase where they’ll once again show off trailers for upcoming games and surprise us with new game announcement. This will be Annapurna’s second video game showcase, with last year’s event giving us a release window for Stray, a release date for The Artful Escape, and a gameplay trailer for Neon White amongst many other exciting things.

Annapurna Interactive is an indie games publisher that’s going from strength to strength right now. So this really does feel like one showcase eager gamers will want to tune in to watch.

What time and where to watch?

The showcase will take place at the following times:

July 28 – 12pm PDT
July 28 – 3pm EDT
July 28 – 8pm PST
July 29 – 5am AEST

For those wanting to tune in live, you can do so in a few different places, including Annapurna’s Twitch channel, their Youtube channel, or their Twitter page.

What to expect?

Whilst we’re fully expecting to be surprised by some announcements that come out of nowhere, we also know of a handful of Annapurna Interactive games still in development that are likely candidates to get new trailers, release date announcements, and deep dives. Thirsty Suitors is one such title, coming from the studio that previously released Falcon Age. A free demo of Thirsty Suitors can be found on Steam for those wanting to check it out. Getting a release date for this turn-based narrative game about culture and relationships would be great!

Hindsight is another Annapurna release expected this year. The game transports you through the life of a woman as you move through different vignettes of her life. Part narrative game and part puzzle game, players will have to hunt for the next vignette as they align their perspectives perfectly to uncover the next truth. Again, a release date for Hindsight seems fairly likely.

Open Roads is another release that’s likely to get some love during the showcase. Releasing from Gone Home developer Full Bright, this mother-daughter road trip game could land with a big emotional impact when it releases later this year.

Last month saw the reveal of Lorelei and the Laser Eyes from Sayonara Wild Hearts developer Simogo and Cocoon from debut studio Geometric Interactive. Both games are expected to land next year, so it may be too soon to ask for specific release details. Although any information on these titles would be very exciting.

The last two games we know about coming from Annapurna are Storyteller and Skin Deep. Neither title has a release window yet, so it’s a little hard to predict whether or not they’re likely to show up. I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed to learn more, however.