Disney and Marvel Games Showcase’s biggest reveals

Posted on September 10, 2022

The very first Disney and Marvel Games Showcase was held overnight, revealing many of the new games and content updates to come over the next year or two. The showcase is about 25 minutes long, and contains information about some new titles, plus games we already know about from both Disney and Marvel properties. Below are some picks of the most exciting announcements that came out of it:

Disney Illusion Island

This adorable platformer stars Disney’s classic cast in a charming adventure to save the world of Monoth. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch at a date TBC. Any fans of classic Disney will want to check this one out.

Marvel Midnight Sun

After getting delayed multiple times, Marvel’s new tactical strategy game is finally coming this December to PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox consoles. An animated prequel short will premiere on October 31st to introduce all the main players, like Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, and more.

Untitled America and Black Panther game

This announcement was just a teaser trailer, so we know never little about this new game. However, it was leaked last month that Amy Hennig, former creative director for Naughty Dog, was working with Marvel on a game that would star Captain America and Black Panther. The game looks to be set during World War II, and will evidently have the two heroes battling against the forces of Hydra.

Disney and Marvel Games Showcase

also teased was Marvel World of Heroes, a mobile game being developed by Niantic, coming 2023.

Tron: Identity

From Bithell Games comes a grand narrative adventure in the Tron universe, where players will shape the future with their decisions. It’s coming to us sometime in 2023, and is already available to be wishlisted on Steam.

The showcase revealed much more about ongoing titles and mobile games, like new villains being added to the roster of Disney’s Mirrorverse this October, as well as Toy Story coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can watch the entire Disney and Marvel Games Showcase on Marvel’s YouTube channel.