Fire Emblem Engage announced for 2023 release

Posted on September 14, 2022

As part of the September 2023 Nintendo Direct, Fire Emblem Engage has been announced as the newest tactical entry in the long-running strategy franchise. This marks the first new strategy-focused Fire Emblem release since Fire Emblem: Three Houses in 2019.

1000 years after mankind defeated the Fell Dragon, with the help of summoned ethereal warriors from other realms known as Emblems, the peace of the kingdom has now been threatened once again. Protagonist Alear wakes up after slumbering for a millenium, tasked with using their abilities to defend the world from the Fell Dragon’s forces once again.

Key among the new features in Fire Emblem Engage is the implementation of Emblems, where player characters can bond with previous characters from the franchise, such as Marth and Sigurd. These previous characters can team up with your units to bolster their abilities in combat, as well as use seemingly fuse with them as part of a new “Engage” mechanic. Similar to Three Houses, Fire Emblem Engage will feature a fully 3D hub area to explore.

Fortunately, fans won’t have too long to wait. Fire Emblem Engage will release on Nintendo Switch on January 20th 2023. We will have to await any further new information regarding the game closer to its release date next year.