The Witcher Remake announced, to be developed in Unreal Engine 5

Posted on October 27, 2022

2007’s The Witcher is getting a remake using Unreal Engine 5. The game is being developed by Polish studio Fool’s Theory with veteran Witcher series staff involved and creative supervision by CD Projekt Red. The open-world game is still in the early stages of development, being built from the ground up.

Earlier this month we reported on a bunch of games being made in The Witcher and Cyberpunk universes. We now know that The Witcher Remake was the game codenamed ‘Canis Majoris’ in that previous report. This means that we’re still expecting plenty of other games and updates including a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 developed by CD Projekt Red, a new-gen update for The Witcher 3, a Witcher game codenamed ‘Sirius’ being developed by The Molasses Flood, A new trilogy in The Witcher series codenamed ‘Polaris’ bring developed by CD Projekt Red with its two sequels releasing within 6 years of Polaris’ launch, and finally a brand new IP codenamed ‘Hadar’ also being developed by CD Projekt Red.

It’s exciting to see The Witcher get a remake because it’s the kind of title that would undeniably benefit from it most. Never released on console, the original Witcher game started a movement that propelled developer CD Projekt Red into the limelight and created one of the newest multimedia franchise success stories. With a lot of promise, 2007’s The Witcher was only let down by its ambition which made the experience feel just a bit too janky to fully appreciate. A ground-up remake will hopefully amend that issue and give an opportunity for a whole bunch of new people to experience The Witcher series where it all began.

In a statement on their website, CD Projekt Red says, “The Witcher is where it all started for us… It was the first game we made, ever, and it was a big moment for us then. Going back to this place and remaking the game for the next generation of gamers to experience it feels just as big, if not bigger. Collaborating with Fool’s Theory on the project is just as exciting, as some of the people there have been previously involved in The Witcher games. They know the source material well, they know how much gamers have been looking forward to seeing the remake happen, and they know how to make incredible and ambitious games. And although it will take some time before we’re ready to share more about and from the game, I know it’ll be worth the wait.”