Footage from Hideo Kojima’s rumoured unannounced horror game has leaked

Posted on November 5, 2022

Some footage of an unreleased game claiming to be from Hideo Kojima’s upcoming horror game has been uploaded to YouTube. The footage shows a female character navigating a series of dark corridors, seemingly escaping from an unseen assailant. After a few minutes, the woman cowers in fear and it cuts to black, revealing the name ‘Overdose’ and ‘Hideo Kojima production’.

The footage quality isn’t the best. It appears to be a video of someone else’s video of some recorded footage, and, hilariously, the glare on the device’s screen shows the person recording’s shirtless torso and background throughout the entire clip. However, it’s enough to identify the character’s body actress as Margaret Qualley, who played Mama and Lockne in Kojima’s last title, Death Stranding.

Although unconfirmed by Kojima, this footage is likely to be legitimate. Earlier this year, industry insider Tom Henderson reported that he had come across some leaked game footage that seemed to point towards an upcomong Kojima production. The name of the game, the actress, and the description of the footage he spoke of are an exact match for this new leak. In a now-deleted tweet, Henderson reported shortly afterward that Kojima Productions had asked him to take down his original claims, lending credibility to the rumors.

Kojima has said in the past that he is planning to make a horro game sometime in the future. Will he fess up and admit this leak is real? We’ll have to see.