Elden Ring gets long-awaited free PVP Colosseum update

Posted on December 7, 2022

Elden Ring is getting a substantial update this week. The free DLC will be introducing a new Colosseum area where the Tarnished can prove their might, alone or with a friend.

Elden Ring’s developers shared the news via Twitter. “Come forth, warriors, and bask in the glory of the Colosseum“, states the announcement. “Prove your worth in various duels and battles, together or on your own in the free Colosseum Update. Coming December 7.” The tweet is accompanied by a short video showing players engaging in combat against each other in the new Colosseum area.

With Elden Ring’s developers separating how PvP and PvE combat is balanced, it makes some sense to add an area focused around facilitating PvP play. The video doesn’t make it clear if the Colosseum will provide any exclusive rewards, or what sort of challenges solo players can expect. This is perhaps the most substantial free update so far, however there is not yet any news of premium DLC. That said, considering From Software has typically released at least one expansion for most of its games, and Elden Ring’s generally smashing success in terms of sales and reviews, more content will likely announced before long.

Fortunately, we don’t have long at all to wait for Elden Ring’s free Colosseum DLC. The update will be available to download from the 7th of December 2022.