Remnant 2 set to bring more heart-pumping action in 2023

Posted on December 12, 2022

Gearbox Publishing is delivering an unexpected sequel in 2023, as soulslike melee shooter hybrid Remnant 2 was announced during The Game Awards, releasing on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC next year.

The sequel to Remnant: From The Ashes will once again be playable as a three-person cooperative experience, with “vicious enemies, exciting loot and more heart-pumping action”. Every new playthrough of Remnant 2 will place you in a procedurally generated world with different locations, NPCs, enemies, bosses and weapons making each run feel different.

There also promises to be more character customisation and better synergy when playing in co-op. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of what you can expect.


“We are excited to delve back into the world of Remnant with the team at Gearbox Publishing,” said Gunfire Games founder and CEO David Adams. “There are so many interesting stories to tell, vicious enemies to vanquish, exciting loot to grab, Archetypes to experiment with, and heart-pumping action for players to experience with their friends. We can’t wait for everyone to play it next year.”

Remnant: From The Ashes released in 2019 and was received pretty positively, combining challenging action sequences with a dark, spooky world to explore, in solo or with friends. In our review, we said: “Remnant: From the Ashes does a phenomenal job in using bits and pieces from a lot of hit games to form a celebration of video games over the years. It won’t dethrone or distract from games it shares a likeness with either, but boosts them up even more. Gunfire Games have done an excellent job with Remnant: From The Ashes and I recommend even those nervous about the genre’s difficulty to jump in if they’re feeling a little brave.”

Remnant 2 is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC sometime in 2023.