Annie Wersching, known for playing Tess in The Last of Us passes away

Posted on January 30, 2023

Life can be beautiful and full of wonder, but it can also be a harsh reminder of the short time we have in this world. Today, Annie Wersching, perhaps best known within the gaming community for playing Tess in The Last of Us series has sadly passed away from Cancer at the age of 45.

Annie was a prolific actor and starred in many notable TV shows such as Bosch, The Rookie, The Vampire Diaries, 24, Star Trek: Picard, and Marvel’s Runaways, among many others. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 but still continued to act in various roles even after her diagnosis.

Wersching’s role as Tess in The Last of Us video game was met with critical praise. Her ability to bring a female character to life that was outwardly tough and strong, but deeply passionate provided a mesmerising performance.

Annie Wersching performing in The Last of Us

There is currently a GoFundMe campaign, which is being shared to draw financial support for the actor’s family so that they may grieve without the pressure to work, allowing her husband Stephen to focus on being a Father for his grieving family. The campaign has been shared by Alexi Hawley, showrunner of “The Rookie,” Julie Plec, the showrunner of “The Vampire Diaries,” as well as “The Last of Us” creative director Neil Druckmann.

Some of the people that Annie worked with have shared their grief and thoughts with the public via Twitter.

Whilst Wersching will not appear in the TV adaptation of The Last of Us – which just got renewed for a second season – there is no denying that her performance in the original video game left a lasting impression that will stand the test of time, and with the success of the hit TV show perhaps a whole new generation will now witness her terrific performance for the first time.

It is sad to know that we will never get any more performances from Annie, but she has left a history of work that many people will continue to enjoy as time moves on.

Her Husband Stephen and three kids Eddie, Ozzie, and Archie survive Annie. May she rest in peace.