Gay furry visual novel Burrow of the Fallen Bear is out on consoles next week

Posted on January 4, 2023

New year, new thirst-traps for you furry lovers out there, as Burrow of the Fallen Bear: A Gay Furry Visual Novel is coming out on consoles next week. I guess we can stop worrying about what Game of the Year 2023 will be, as I think we have the answer.

Burrow of the Fallen Bear claims to be a furry-themed visual novel with multiple romance options layered within an “exciting medieval adventure.” You’ll meet 3 potential companions, each with their own unique backstory and motivations, and animated sprites. Woof. Check out the trailer below.

The story goes, according to publisher eastasiasoft: “The Burrow of the Fallen Bear’s seal is getting weaker and adventurers from the Furland Kingdom are coming to explore the house of one of the most fearful and violent assailants in the land. Guide a feline rogue named Krile on his journey to prove his worth and be chosen to save the Furry Heroes!”

Burrow of the Fallen Bear: A Gay Furry Visual Novel was just one of the games featured in eastasiasoft’s 2023 showcase yesterday, which covered 15 indie titles releasing in the very near future, including cult classic JRPG Mugen Souls, the announcement of Rainbow Skies for Nintendo Switch and Reverie: Sweet As Edition for next-gen platforms as well as console ports for side-scrolling shoot’em ups Schildmaid MXWings of Bluestar and Hyper-5, new hack-and-slash brawler Hot Blood and much more.

For fans of the Hong Kong-based developer and publisher, 2023 is looking bright already.

Burrow of the Fallen Bear: A Gay Furry Visual Novel launches on January 12 for PS4, PS5 and Switch. It’s already available on PC.