KILLBUG is the next release from Melbourne studio Samurai Punk

Posted on April 15, 2023

Samurai Punk has announced their latest addition to their suite of weird titles – KILLBUG.

KILLBUG is coming to Steam on May 4th and brings with it a fast-paced shooter and a whole lot of bugs. So many bugs.

Featuring a visual aesthetic straight out of the 90’s, KILLBUG’s premise is clear. Kill. Bug. With hordes of enemies to fluidly mow down, Samurai Punk’s new game will have players utilising a suite of aerial movement mechanics to dash around bug-filled arenas, competing against friends and strangers in the leaderboards.

Based in Melbourne, Samurai Punk is known for plenty of strange games like Screencheat, a GoldenEye-like multiplayer shooter where you can only see your friends by looking at their screen. Samurai Punk’s most recent game, Justice Sucks, released in 2022 and featured a killer-vacuum protagonist. You can read our review here.

KILLBUG looks to continue the trend of Samurai Punk’s strange games and may kickstart a few more bug phobias along the way.