Overwatch 2 welcomes openly pansexual hero ahead of Season 4

Posted on April 6, 2023

It’s been a season since Overwatch 2 released a new hero, with many speculating that the new hero every season might grow laborious. Now, hot on the heels of Season 4, a new hero has been revealed. Moreover, the new addition to the Overwatch 2 roster is a proudly pansexual man and an agile support character. Check the reveal trailer out!

Lifeweaver is a unique healer joining the game. His kit prioritises those around him in multiple ways using his advanced biolight technology. He raises up the heroes around him, sometimes literally! Hailing from Thailand, Lifeweaver is a devoted hero with a big heart who is inspired by nature and this comes through in his aesthetic. He’s also very proudly pansexual, so I’m excited to see how this comes through in his lore and cosmetics in the game.

It wouldn’t be an Overwatch 2 reveal without some backlash either. Many have criticized Lifeweaver’s ability to grab teammates and pull them toward a location. While most would see this as quite a lifesaving ability given how dangerous the edge of maps are, others in the ‘Public Test Region’ have seen Lifeweaver players using the Life Grip ability to pull teammates over the edge of the map. Hopefully, this will be addressed before the character’s release for season 4.

As a regular returning to the game, I find Lifeweaver’s abilities to be quite interesting as there is a real focus on helping others. I’m also really proud to see a male hero joining the game who isn’t traditionally masculine and embraces this quite incredible plant healer role. The roster in Overwatch has always been one for the queerest around, and to see it embrace another LGBTQIA+ character is quite inspiring.

Players will be able to play the new hero when Overwatch 2  Season 4 launches on April 11. Grabbing the Premium Battle Pass will unlock him instantly!