Ghostrunner 2 looks even faster and more intense

Posted on May 25, 2023

Another exciting gameplay trailer from the PlayStation Showcase this morning came in the form of Ghostrunner 2.

The sequel to the cult hit intense parkour first-person slasher, first announced in 2021, looks to even incorporate a motorcycle, as if the original wasn’t fast enough.

In our review of the original Ghostrunner back in 2020, we said: “Combine this parkour gameplay with heart thumping, genre appropriate music and you are more than likely to enter a flow state where both you and the Ghostrunner are one. While the overall experience was short-lived and left me wanting more, the developers ended up setting the perfect pace and delivered a truly great video game experience that is easy to learn and satisfying to master.”

There’s no official release date yet, but we can expect Ghostrunner 2 to drop in 2023.