Roots of Pacha returns to Steam after developer and publisher amicably part ways

Posted on May 28, 2023

Roots of Pacha, the prehistoric farming simulator which was abruptly pulled from Steam earlier this month by its publisher, is once again available for purchase after developer Soda Den and publisher Crytivo have worked out a deal. Both parties have agreed to part ways on friendly terms, with Soda Den allowed to self-publish the game going forward.

In a joint statement, Soda Den and Crytivo confirm that an arrangement has been reached to return the game to Steam. “We are happy to share we have reached an agreement and that Roots of Pacha has been restored to Steam for all to purchase,” they advise. “We also would like to share that Crytivo and Soda Den have made the decision to amicably part ways under terms that are mutually beneficial. Soda Den sincerely thanks the Crytivo team for their efforts to support and market Roots of Pacha. Crytivo sincerely thanks Soda Den for their dedication and craft that went into the creation of Roots of Pacha.

Roots of Pacha is a Stardew Valley-esque farming simulator where you build and maintain your farm and community in a prehistoric setting. Shortly after release, it was pulled from distribution as the developer and publisher fought over the ownership of the game and elements relating to their contractual relationship. Fortunately for fans of the game, a solution was reached which has enabled the game to be released once again and available to play. Roots of Pacha is currently available for purchase on Steam.