Summoner’s Path Expansion for Melbourne game Riftbound has launched

Posted on May 12, 2023

On the anniversary of its original release onto PC, Melbourne-developed Riftbound has received a sizable expansion introducing new game modes, new spells, new upgrades, new enemies, and new encounters. Called the Summoner’s Path Expansion, this little lane defence game just got a whole lot bigger with the introduction of a roguelike adventure as well as an endless survival mode.

When we checked out the original release, we said that “Riftbound proves to be a good time-killer that can be consumed in bite-sized chunks”. It’s a fantasy game with light story-telling and game mechanics that resemble the lovechild of Plants vs Zombies and Pokémon. Now with added content, this may be the perfect time to check out this release by local two-person developer, Barrel Smash Studios.

“Riftbound: Summoner’s Path offers endless replayability, adjustable difficulty, and a progression system allowing players to earn gems and unlock perks to help them progress further. With added mutators that challenge players with battles that favor the enemy, this update promises to keep players engaged for hours.”

It’s great to see Riftbound continue to be supported after release. The game was certainly built with a lot of love and it’s clear Barrel Smash Studios had a vision for the game that stretched beyond the scope of its original launch. Changing the game’s primary gameplay mode into a roguelike is an interesting choice and one that will no doubt bring me back into Riftbound after a year of other distractions to see just how those changes impact player enjoyment. However, as a known roguelike lover, I am certainly anticipating good things.

You can pick up Riftbound: Summoner’s Path right now on Steam.