Diablo IV is on hellfire, summoning $666 million in global sales

Posted on June 13, 2023

Diablo IV has blown up in a blaze of fiery success. The highly anticipated entry in the beloved Diablo series has achieved a historic milestone, soaring past the devilish $666 million in global sales and securing its place as the best-selling Blizzard game within just five days of its release on 6 June.

Venturing into the world of Sanctuary, players have already amassed an astonishing total of over 276 million hours spent battling demons and exploring the treacherous depths of Diablo IV. To put this monumental figure into perspective, it’s equivalent to more than 30,000 years of gameplay.

Expressing gratitude to the legions of devoted players, Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment, stated, “Diablo IV is a result of our incredible teams working together to craft and support genre-defining games, build legendary worlds, and inspire memories that will last a lifetime. We’re humbled by the response, proud of the team, and remain committed to listening to our players and ensuring Diablo continues to exceed expectations for years to come”.

We’ve been playing the huge action role-playing game and have finally shaped our final thoughts on the experience. You can read our Diablo IV review now, as we continue to sink our teeth deeply into the end-game.

It’s no doubt that Diablo IV is incredibly fun and addicting to play. Since the Early Access period, a staggering 276 billion demons have met their demise, surpassing the global population nearly 35 times over. Not to be outdone, players themselves have faced defeat over 316 million times, with the dreaded Butcher accounting for more than 5 million player deaths.

Stepping into the hardcore realm of Diablo IV, where death is permanent, 163 players have managed to reach the maximum level, showcasing their skill and determination in conquering the game’s most challenging mode. We’re still a little salty that there’s no playtime counter on individual characters so we can see just how long we spend with our hardcore characters before their timely demise – but hey, maybe in a future update?

As players continue to immerse themselves in the captivating depths of Diablo IV, Blessed Mother Lilith, the dark queen herself, surely smiles upon our unwavering devotion.

Still, it’s important to note the concerning state of the game studio behind Diablo IV. Activision Blizzard is facing serious allegations of harassment, mistreatment of marginalised workers, and a toxic work environment. For more information, please click here.

Diablo IV is currently available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation with cross-platform play and progression.