High on Life shadow launches on PS4 and PS5

Posted on July 25, 2023

Having launched as a PC and Xbox exclusive last year, Squanch Games’ quirky sci-fi FPS High on Life has now come out on PS4 and PS5. While that exclusivity deal was expected to be timed, the release on PlayStation didn’t have much marketing build-up to it until it was dropped onto the PlayStation online storefront over the weekend for the not-insubstantial price of $90.95 AUD.

The stealth launch was announced during a presentation at San Diego Comic-Con while the studio was presenting new gameplay footage of High on Knife, the game’s upcoming expansion. “The fans have spoken. And spoken. And spoken,” Squanch Studio’s studio director, Mike Fridley, announced at the presentation. “We’ve been thrilled with High On Life’s reception since it launched in December. Our PlayStation fans have been slightly less thrilled, which is why we’re so excited to share that it’s coming their way very soon. Like now soon! Thank you for your patience!

It is worth mentioning that although former studio head Justin Roiland resigned from his post earlier this year following charges of domestic violence, he voices one of the main characters in High on Life, and unlike many of the other works that Roiland has been involved in, his role was not recast or re-recorded. The upcoming High on Knife expansion will be horror-themed, and focus on two new guns as well as Knifey, the gregarious Australian melee weapon voiced by Michael Cusack.

High on Life was a decent shooter with somewhat limited gameplay and polarising humour. Hopefully increasing the game’s arsenal and changing the tone will give the game the revamp it needs once the expansion releases later this year. High on Life is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S,