Jumplight Odyssey launches its Early Access period next month

Posted on July 28, 2023

League of Geeks, the Melbourne (Naarm)-based developers of the beloved indie strategy game Armello have finally issued a release date for the Early Access launch of Jumplight Odyssey, their Colony Sim set in outer space. Sim and strategy fans won’t have to wait too long to jump in on the extra-terrestrial fun: the game’s out in just a few short weeks!

The game description is as follows: “Jumplight Odyssey takes players on a unique spaceship adventure starring Princess Euphora, the commander of the SDF Catalina. Join her as you navigate across star systems, as you try to escape from Admiral Voltan and the dangerous Zutopans, in search of the fabled Forever Star—a mythical new home far across the galaxy.”

Other than the typical genre affair of gathering and managing resources, players will get to define their leadership style and make ‘critical decisions’ to maintain hope aboard the SDF Catalina, the ship you call home. Crew members and pilots across various divisions such as Science, Engineering, Combat and Supply can be dispatched to gather resources, recruit new members and defend your craft. Maybe you’ll even help deep relationships blossom across the crew… time will tell!

Based off the gameplay glimpses we’ve had so far, we look to be in for a good time.

Another spectacular appeal to Jumplight Odyssey is the classic 70’s sci-fi anime look it has going for itself. Colours really pop out on the scream in pretty pastels while still remaining highly detailed in their environments. If you’re after a game with an afternoon cartoon kind of art style, you couldn’t do much better than this.

Jumplight Odyssey launches in Early Access on PC via Steam on August 21, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions planned for the future. Do you plan on joining the voyage?