Ghostrunner 2 sprints its way to an October release date

Posted on August 22, 2023

Ghostrunner 2 is about to bring its fast-paced, first-person, cyberpunk action gameplay to PC and console this October. Announced via social media, the developer One More Level and publisher 505 Games proudly boasted the October 26 release date, making an already busy period even busier!

The game is a direct follow-up to 2020’s Ghostrunner, a game that took everybody by surprise with its tough-as-nails but really fun gameplay. In our review, we said “Ghostrunner is the end result of decades of genre defining pieces of art, culminated into a single and easily recognisable piece of cyberpunk fiction. Everything from the aesthetic, music, lore and world-building oozes cyberpunk and it’s all the better for it.”

Ghostrunner 2 is set to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, Epic, and GOG. Are you ready to run to victory on October 26?