WW1 Survival Horror title Conscript nabs publishing deal with Team17

Posted on August 11, 2023

Catchweight Studios, the team behind Melbourne-developed WW1 survival horror title Conscript have just scored a publisher for their anticipated release. Partnering in publishing with Team17, Conscript will now be released in 2024! The news comes from a blog announcement from the studio on their title’s Kickstarter page.

Conscript has impressed the team thoroughly in recent jaunts at PAX Aus. Featuring an isometric perspective, movement is slow and methodical as you anxiously navigate your way through war-torn lands and bunkers. Protagonist Andre is in search of his brother Pierre. With blasts echoing eerily from above ground, it’s a horrific traipse through these labyrinthian environments, equipped with only a club, pistol and shotgun with limited ammunition. Diseased and muddy locations, enemy soldier combatants and the like stand between you and survival.

It’s a great and incredibly promising title thus far, with indie studio New Blood‘s personality and head honcho David Oshry stating “Genuinely can’t believe no publisher has thrown millions at Conscript yet.” Understandably so.

Team17 is a publishing studio with a long legacy helping release games like the Worms series, Overcookedthis year’s Dredge and even the very soon-to-be-released Aussie game Moving Out 2. Conscript will be another title for the company, bettering its catalogue of games when it releases in 2024. Stay tuned.