El Paso, Elsewhere releases its final trailer before launch

Posted on September 8, 2023

Inspired by retro shooters with some exciting Max Payne DNA, the newest trailer from ‘El Paso, Elsewhere’ showcases the gritty and supernatural world of El Paso, alongside that heart-pumping shooter gameplay that makes the title look so exciting. Described as a neo-noir love letter to classic shooters, this release will see you jumping into slow-mo gun fights against werewolves and vampires as your surroundings shift around you.

The latest trailer for the release is also the final one before the game’s September 26 release date. Check it out below.

The trailer gives us a hint of the narrative that’s unraveling within the world of El Paso. The fully-voiced game will see players take on the role of folklore researcher and recovering drug addict James Savage as he returns to his hometown to slay his ex, who also just happens to be the lord of the vampires. It’s a quest to save the world against a destructive supernatural ritual where all kinds of horrifying beasties will no doubt put up a good fight!

El Paso, Elsewhere is set to launch September 26th to PC and Xbox platforms. You can find more information on the Steam page.