Starfield is Bethesda’s biggest launch of all time

Posted on September 8, 2023

In a tweet posted today via the game’s official Twitter account, it has been revealed that Starfield has reached over six million players, spanning both PC and Xbox platforms. This remarkable milestone solidifies Starfield’s status as the largest launch in the history of Bethesda Game Studios.

As the latest offering from Bethesda, Starfield represents the studio’s first major release following the infamous Fallout 76 launch. This action role-playing game set in the expansive cosmos has captured widespread attention since the first reveal. The game’s performance now demonstrates that it has indeed met, if not exceeded, the considerable expectations placed upon it. In our review, we said, “If Bethesda had a point to prove with the release of Starfield then it’s safe to say they proved it.”

It is worth noting for comparison that Bethesda’s previous single-player title, Fallout 4, sold over five million copies across all platforms, including consoles and PC, within its inaugural week of release. Fallout 76, the studio’s prior release, garnered sales of over 1.4 million units across all gaming platforms during its release year.

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