Zero Latency’s newest VR experience is free-roam zombie game ‘Outbreak’

Posted on October 6, 2023

The Australian-born Zero Latency have just released their newest virtual-reality experience across their network of 80+ locations globally. Dubbed ‘Outbreak’, the game is set to take advantage of Zero Latency’s uniquely large gameplay arenas, offering a free-roam experience across 2,000 square metres of game world. Outbreak adds to Zero Latency’s growing list of free-roam VR experiences including titles like Singularity and Undead Arena.

They are calling this one the “most advanced free-roam VR zombie game ever made”. Outbreak is playable with up to 8 people, takes about 30 minutes to play, and utilises motion capture technology to help bring the zombie cast to life. You play as part of a team of soldiers, racing to retrieve a stolen zombie virus cure and shooting whatever undead are in your path. Acrophobics beware, the game takes place—at least partially—across “treacherous rooftops”, no doubt bringing extra fear to the already perilous zombie-infested situation you find yourself in.

“Outbreak is our most epic adventure yet, and we can’t wait for everybody to play through this terrifying, exciting game that is unlike any other on the market,” said Tim Ruse, CEO at Zero Latency. “Our dedicated development team has been hard at work on making Outbreak the most polished and thrilling experience possible. Building on our learnings from over 3 million games played across 7 experiences, we understand deeply what makes a great immersive adventure that treads the line between fear and exhilaration. We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved and feel like this game is going to really blow people’s socks off.”

For those interested in giving Outbreak a whirl, the game is available now at any of Zero Latency’s locations. In a new feature by the company, players can also receive a personalised video of their Outbreak experience after the game ends. To find out more information about Outbreak, simply head to the official website.


Disclaimer: One of the Editors of Checkpoint Gaming works for Zero Latency. Zero Latency and Checkpoint Gaming operate completely independently, and no special consideration is given to Zero Latency announcements or promotions for coverage.